Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a Resume Service

  1. Who can be defined as a professional resume writer?

    According to the Executive Director of the Professional Association of Resume Writer, a person who specializes in resume preparation and can meet the industry standards for achieving the strategic goals of a client, is defined as a professional resume writer. This type of expert is defined as a Certified Professional Resume Writer or CPRW.

  2. Why should I hire a resume writer to work on my resume?

    The option to write your own resume is viable and definitely preferred. But, in the case where you aren’t certain of your writing or resume crafting qualities, it is safer and more effective to hire someone who knows how to highlight your strengths and qualifications to a prospective employer. This person will boost your chances of being called for an interview by crafting a professional resume.

Getting a Resume from Our Service

  1. How long does it take for you to write my resume?

    Generally, we deliver professional resumes within a timeframe of only 3 or 5 days. If you need yours sooner, you can let us know and we’ll do it in 48 or 24 hours. Don’t worry about it – we never compromise the quality of our work.

  2. Who’s going to write my resume?

    As soon as you place your order, we’ll assign the project to one of our writers. We have over 200 CPRW in our team and cover over 40 different industries. Once we have the details of your order, we’ll match you to a specialist in your career field.

  3. What resume level should I pick?

    We offer you a choice of six different resume levels:

    • Entry level: works for recent university or college graduates or candidates with less than three years of experience in the field.
    • Professional level: works for people who have over three year of experience and already occupy a given position in the field.
    • Career change level: works for candidates who wish to change a profession.
    • Executive level: works for professionals of the C-level, such as COOs, CEOs, Directors, CFOS, General Managers, Presidents, etc.
    • Military level: it’s intended for army officials and officers who seek civil employment.
    • Federal level: works for candidates who look to find a public-sector job.

    If you’re still uncertain about which level you should pick, reach out to our support team by using our contact methods. We are always available via e-mail, phone, or the live chat option on the website.

  4. What format will you use for my resume?

    We let you choose the format of your resume by selecting one of our three options: electronic, web, and scanned. The electronic resume will be sent to your email or submitted on your profile on our website. The web resume will allow you to view or edit your resume online. Finally, the scanned resume will be directly sent to your prospective employers who use OCR technology to detect keywords.

  5. Are you offering other resources?

    Absolutely! On our website, you’ll get free access to some interview tips and a list of the top job sites.

  6. Do I get a discount on your website?

    We have various discount packages you can choose from. Combining different documents that you’ll need for your applications will lower the price significantly for you. For your benefit, we’ve created versatile packages that combine resumes, LinkedIn Profile, cover letters, follow-up and thank you notes, etc.

  7. Do you have sample resumes I can see before I order?

    Yes. You can access our samples in the Samples page on our website.

Getting a Resume from Our Service

  1. Can I communicate with my writer and how?

    Not only is it possible to communicate with the writer we assign to work on your resume, but we actually encourage this. It’s made easy with the company’s communication tool. If you need some help or guidance, you can also reach out to our customer support team. Remember – we are always available.

  2. Do you provide revisions?

    We aim to make every customer happy so, definitely, you are entitled to a revision if you feel like you need one. Visit your personal profile page, enter ‘order details’, and request a revision by clicking on the ‘revision request’ tab. Make sure to let us know of all the details about why you need a revision and what you’d like revised.

  3. What if I still don’t like the resume after the revisions?

    This has never happened to us before, but if you aren’t happy with the resume even after the revisions, you can ask for a refund. You have three days from the completion of the resume to do this.

  4. Can I attach files to complement my order?

    Yes and we actually encourage this. If you’d like us to use your past resume to make a new, improved one, make sure to add it to your order form. You can use the ‘continue’ button after you make your payment or attach the resume in a message to us.

  5. How can I pay for my resume?

    We accept PayPal and all major credit cards for payment.

  6. Do you have a privacy policy?

    Our company has a strict privacy and confidentiality policy that keeps your personal information safe. We will not share any of your details or information to a third party, including your credit card information, contact, and personal details.

  7. What is your interview invitation guarantee?

    Our service offers an interview invitation guarantee. According to this guarantee, if you don’t receive valid invitations for an interview within 60 days after we sent you the resume, you can complain to our service and we’ll revise it accordingly.