Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (further referred to as Agreement) contain crucial information regarding the use of our website and the services we offer. By entering, signing up, and ordering any of the services as provided by this company, you are entering into a legally binding contract or agreement with the Company.

The Company reserves all rights to amend, change, modify, or revise the provisions as written in this Agreement.

You agree to go through the content of this Agreement before every use of the website and the services we provide. If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions, leave the website and do not use the provided services on it. If you choose to proceed and use the services after any change made to the Agreement, you agree to the latest or updated Agreement version.

In the case where a client wishes to terminate the Agreement, he or she must remove their account from our company’s database and stop using or visiting the website.

All collection, transfer, or processing of data on the website is regulated by the Company’s Privacy Policy. This includes the Terms of Cookies use that is part of the Agreement.

Terms and Definitions

1. Vocabulary

1.1. ‘’Company’’ refers to the entity or group that offers and provides services as outlined in the Agreement.

1.2.‘’Agreement’ refers to you agreeing with our Terms and Conditions.

1.3.‘’Website’’ stands for this particular website that is operated by the company and available publicly on the internet at https://inresumes.com/

1.4.‘’You’’, ‘’User’’, or ‘’Customer’’ refers to the person who orders from the Company and uses the website with the goal to obtain one of the services and products according to her or his requirements, as governed by the Company’s Terms and Conditions and laid out in the Agreement.

1.5.‘’Resume Writer’’ is the individual who works with the Company and provides services as presented in the Company’s Terms and Conditions. This individual agrees to work with the Company as a freelancer.

1.6.‘’Order’’ is the customer’s paid request for a service or product offered by the Company.

1.7.‘’Order status’’ is the order’s progress that leads to the completion of the service as offered by the customer.

1.8.‘’Product’’ is a product in the form of a document in electronic form. This document is the finalized service by the Company that is provided to the Customer after order completion.

1.9.‘’Product revision’’ is a revised or changed version of the original product, as required by the customer.

1.10.‘’Quality assurance department’’ is a part of the Company that evaluates and guards the Product or Service quality until the point where it is delivered to the customer in electronic form.

1.11.‘’Support or support team’’ is part of the Company that comprises of support agents with the mission to help the customer during the Order process.

1.12.‘’Messaging system’’ is a Company’s feature that allows for communication between the Resume writer and the customer, and between the Support and the customer.

1.13.‘’Job Interview’’ is any email communication, a call, in-person meeting, or a different mean of communication that the customer has with a potential employer after he or she has sent their resume.

2. Terms of use

2.1. When you order from inresumes.com, you agree with our Terms and Conditions. Once you agree with the price and provide us with you card details, you’re authorizing the Company to charge you for your ordered product or service. You can find this transaction in your bank statement.

2.2. When you choose and pay for the LinkedIn Profile service, you are ordering a layout with full profile information in a docx/doc format. The Resume Writers employed by our Company aren’t authorized to access your LinkedIn account, which makes it your obligation to transfer the information we provide in the form of a product to your LinkedIn profile.

2.3. The Company doesn’t require you to specify your age, nor are we able to verify such information. We don’t allow for purchases from individuals that aren’t at least 16 years old. If you aren’t 16 years old or more, you will need a parent’s or guardian’s consent in order to order a service from the Company.

If you’re a guardian or a parent of a person aged under 16 and believe that the child has used his or her personal information on the Company’s website without your consent, make sure to contact our support and inform us of it.

Those who create an order by using false information or registering another person or a person that isn’t at least 16 years of age, are under violation of the terms in the Agreement.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1. The Company will not share, sell, or disclose your credit card information or personal information to a third party. We process online purchases through a reliable and secure server called Authorize.net. This system keeps your personal data and credit card data safe and prevents it from being found by a third party. The Company will not be held liable for any disclosure that is beyond its control.

4. Ordering from the Company

4.1. Making an order. The customer is the only person responsible for providing accurate contact information such as phone number and email when he or she fills out the order form. During the order process, the Company reserves the right to contact the customer with any questions or details about the order. If the customer provides inaccurate or incomplete information during the order process, this will be considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions. Such behavior could result in a guarantee forfeit for the ordered product or service.

4.2. By using the account on the website of the Company, the customer undertakes the following:

1) keep her or his password safe and not share it with any third party.

2) if he or she is suspicious of disclosure or discovers disclosure of his password used to access the Company’s website, the customer should immediately get in touch with and notify the Support.

3) The customer has sole responsibility for anything that happens to his account until the point where he or she reports a misuse by a third party or closes the account.

4.3. Information provided by the customer. The Company operates based on the information provided by the customer. Because of this, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide all requirements and data necessary for the Resume Writer to complete the order, including his training, work history, job goals, education, affiliations, awards, and certifications, or anything else he wants included in his resume.

4.4. Instructions. The Company bases its work on the instructions of the customer, which is why the instructions must be accurate and complete. The customer has an obligation to fill in the Company’s provided survey with the information that are needed for the Product completion. He or she can also choose to provide a resume for reference once he places the Order and finishes with the payment process. Based on his or her preference, the customer can use both options in order to provide complete data to enable the Resume writer to complete the order.

If the client fails to provide all necessary information when he or she places the order, the Company will not fulfill any of the implied guarantees and warranties, and shall not be held responsible for the mistake of the customer.

Once the customer completes the Order, he is allowed to require a revision. The customer is only allowed to send a revision request that is based on his initial requirements as provided in the original Order. Changes from the original order will not be considered a revision and will be charged accordingly. In such case, the Company will not perform a free revision or approve a revision request. Any additional requests and instructions must be provided before the customer’s Order is completed and a Resume Writer is assigned to it.

4.5. Resume level match. The customer has the sole responsibility to select the resume level he needs. He or she will take full liability in case a wrong level is selected during the order placement. In the case where the customer makes a mistake during the ordering process, he or she should immediately contact the Customer Support to fix this issue.

4.6. Assigning a Resume Writer. As soon as you complete and pay for your order, we will assign a Resume Writer to complete it. When the Resume Writer receives the order, he or she will get in touch with the customer if this is requested by the customer in the order form. The Resume Writer and customer can use the messaging board or the email form to communicate during the order completion process.

4.7. The Resume Writer takes full responsibility for gathering the objectives, key points, goals, and remaining information necessary for the completion of the resume. This information includes education, affiliations, former work experiences, certificates, and other materials that should be included in the resume. The information must be uploaded via the system and not provided over the phone.

4.8. Using the messaging system. The Company’s messaging system allows for communication to happen between the customer and the Resume Writer or any other employee at the Company. The customer is fully responsible to check the messaging system for any questions or concerns about the order details, and provide answers in a timely manner. If the customer fails to do so, this will affect the guarantee and the customer’s right to get a refund.

In the case where the customer needs to reach out to the Company or Resume Writer, he can use the messaging system and speak to the Support team.

4.9. Inaccurate details in order placement. If the information provided by the Customer do not match the order or are inconsistent, the Company may choose not to proceed with the Order completion. Failure to provide details and description of the product order can interfere with the request in terms of deadline and quality, and it may result in additional charges as requested by the Company. When you place an order with the Company, make sure that your order is approved and the Resume Writer does not need any additional information.

4.10. Order progress tracking. Customers are obliged to check the messaging system for any questions or updates from the Resume Writer or the Company regarding the order progress. There are several status types you can find in your profile:

  • Order not paid – the Company has registered the order in its system, but the customer hasn’t proceeded to pay. Until this is resolved, the Company shall not start working on the order. If the payment process is postponed, the cost of the order may change accordingly.
  • Research has started – the customer has completed the order payment and the order has been assigned to a Resume Writer. The Resume Writer has just begun the research for the order.
  • Preparing – the Resume Writer has begun working on the order.
  • Order completed – the Product is ready and uploaded for the customer to review it. The customer can download the Product from his or her personal account or the email address he or she provided during order creation.
  • Returned for a revision – the customer has requested a revision and the Resume Writer is currently working on it.
  • On hold – the Support Team has ceased the work on the Product and the customer should reach out to them as soon as possible.
  • Order cancelled – the order is cancelled.

4.11. Discount offers. When the customer fills the order form, he must be attentive. If a discount is applicable, the customer must find the discount code and use it in the order form before paying for the order. In the case where the customer forgets or fails to use a code while placing his or her order, the Company is not obliged to provide a refund or a replacement.

5. Product Distribution

5.1. Once delivered to the Customer, the product can be sent to staffing services and employment agencies throughout the country. The Customer can select the distribution order while filling the form to go forward with the process. The Company shall not be held liable for this and won’t take such action unless the Customer requests it.

6. Product Delivery and Downloading

6.1. The Company aims to leave every customer satisfied, but will not be held responsible for spam, incorrect email address provided by the customer, neglect on behalf of the customer, internet filters or problems, or any other issue that is out of the control of the Company. If a customer needs help to download the Product, he or she can contact the Support for assistance.

6.2. The Company shall not be held liable for any failure of the customer to download the Resume after delivery. The customer will be billed the full amount of the service if the Company delivers the product via the agreed methods.

7. Order Termination

7.1. The Company retains the right to terminate an Order in a case where the customer fails to communicate or the Company suspects a fraud. In these cases, the Company may choose not to reimburse the Customer. The reimbursement decision will be determined by the Company based on several factors. The Company reserves its right to take the appropriate action when it detects negligence, false order details, or fraud.

8. Revisions

8.1. The Company provides free revisions to ensure the satisfaction of customers with the provided service or the Product. The Client is entitled to a free revision within thirty days after the deadline of the order. The customer must request a free revision within this period. If the customer chooses the 30th day to request a revision, the Company guarantees a revision within 5 days.

8.2. If the customer misses the policy deadline and wants his Order revised, he must pay for an editing service to the Company.

8.3. The Company’s Quality Assurance Department retains the right to refuse a free revision request based on a change to the original Order, abuse of the revision policy, or abuse toward the chosen Resume Writer.

8.4. Once the Company finished the Order, the revision request by the customer must comply with his or her original instructions in the Order. Other behaviors will be considered a policy violation.

8.5. The Company will provide a free revision only in cases where the customer’s requirements fall within the original guidelines. The Quality Assurance Department retains the right to decline a revision request.

8.6. The Company can contact the customer via the messaging system or email regarding services, offers, and discounts.

8.7. When the customer places the Order, he or she gives the Company permission to contact him or her by using text messaging. The Company can make changes in a message without informing the customer for the goal of offering discounts and special offers. The Company shall not be held responsible for charges that are accrued to the account of the Customer that result from text messaging.

9. Satisfaction Guarantee

9.1. The Company guarantees that every product ordered by the Customer will be delivered on time and of high quality.

9.2. If the customer does not receive a Job Interview request within 60 days after the delivery of the Order, the Company agrees to make free revisions within a period of 5 days after the client’s request.

9.3. The Company does not guarantee that the original resume or other product will be rewritten during the revision process. Revisions will be done regarding vocabulary and format, as agreed in the original order instructions. The Company will do no reimbursements if the revised order is copy-pasted.

9.4. If the customer misses the revision policy deadline, he or she may place an editing order with the Company. The Company will not provide editing after the policy deadline for free.

9.5. A customer can request a partial or full refund by using the Company’s messaging system in the case where the Order has not been delivered by the final deadline as requested in the original Order. He or she may also request a refund if not satisfied with the Product. The Company retains the right to decide whether or not the customer is entitled to a refund.

9.6. If the customer requests a payment refund based on his or her evaluation of the quality, he or she must provide proof and sound reasoning with examples. The refund request will then be sent to the Quality Assurance Department that will decide whether the request is approved or denied.

9.7. If the customer hasn’t requested a revision within 30 days after the deadline of the Order or his or her request comes after this term, the Client will not be eligible for a refund by the Company.

10. Promotional Materials

10.1. The Company retains its right to reach out to the Customer by email regarding promotional materials such as new services, special offers, discounts, or any other information that might be of use to the Customer.

10.2. Upon providing his or her details on the Company’s website, the Customer consents to receiving electronic communication messages that include but are not limited to SMS and push notifications.

10.3. When the Company sends marketing or commercial messages to the Customer, it will include a link that allows the customer to unsubscribe from receiving this type of communication in the future.

11. Waivers

11.1. Waivers shall not be used or agreement breaches. The remedies are provided by law and are cumulative.

11.2. In the case where the Company cannot enforce these Terms and Conditions, it shall be called a waiver of rights. Other breaches will not be covered by the same waiver.

12. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

12.1. The Company reserves its right to make any necessary changes to the Terms and Conditions for any reason and at any time. The customer is responsible for reviewing the Terms and Conditions and therefore inform himself or herself of any new changes made. If the customer makes an order with the Company after the amendment of the Terms and Conditions, he or she therefore agrees to abide by the amendments.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1. The Agreement. This Agreement is an integral part of the Privacy Policy and contains the stipulations between the Company and the Customer. No inducements, statements, or promises made by the Company or the Customer that are inconsistent shall be binding or valid unless they are expressly authorized under the Agreement. The Agreement may not be modified, altered, or enlarged except in writing and signed by the parties. The Agreement supersedes all past representations, communications, or agreement, both written and verbal, between the Company and the Customer.

13.2. Severability. If a portion of the Agreement does not fit the legal constraints of the city, country of states, all the remaining portions will remain binding and will be enforced as such.

13.3. Laws. The Agreement shall be upheld by the laws of the state, country, or city where the business or the Company operates.

14. Termination

14.1. The customer reserves his or her right to terminate the Agreement at any time. He or she shall do so by sending a request to the Support team at the Company.