• Whenever writing a resume, we promise to use professional style and language. The use of accurate and highly professional language guarantees the quality of the resume you will received from our writers. However, to make this happen and avoid any confusion, we urge you to provide us with detailed information regarding your order.
  • You can order your resume within 5 days or less. The shortest deadline option we have is 24 hours. If you select this option, we guarantee that we’ll treat your resume with the same level of dedication and care.
  • Based on your request or, if you haven’t made any, per the request of the writer, we will upload your product in a .doc or .pdf version. We usually do the latter since it ensures that the formatting of the resume is intact. We guarantee to do this within the selected timeframe.
  • In the case where you’re not happy with the resume or hasn’t received an invitation for an interview, we guarantee to take the resume rewrite it within 60 days from the initial completion of the order. An interview is a message, call, or another method of communication between a potential employer and you after you’ve submitted the resume.
  • The standard resume revision period is 24 hours. We can’t provide you with a revision within hours. To guarantee the resume’s quality, we need to assign a great editor and spend a considerable amount of time with the goal to improve it.
  • If you receive a refund for your product, we will retain the legal rights to that resume. In the case that you find the resume to be poorly written and don’t want to use it, we’ll refund you the full sum you paid and retain all rights to our work. We may later use it for advertising purposes or publish it on the website, all while excluding your personal information from it.
  • Saying that you aren’t satisfied won’t get you an immediate refund. Naturally, we can’t just go and refund everyone who says that they don’t like the resume after investing our time into this. If you aren’t happy with the resume, you can send us your list of violations or demand a free revision. Based on the list of comments and concerns, we’ll check the order and evaluate your refund request. If you’ve made justified accusations, we’ll refund you fully for the order.
  • Our service works with professional writers and career advisers. The employees are always ready to write your resumes or any other type of service you order on our website, based on the general rules and standards for writing professional content. This is our obligation, but we still urge you to spend a considerable amount of time making sure that you’ve provided us with accurate and detailed requirements in the order form. This will help us avoid making mistakes and ensure that the product meets your needs. Once you do that, we’ll do our best to implement your requirements in writing, therefore boosting your odds and getting many interview invitations from potential employers.