Refund Policy

1.1. The Company does not and cannot guarantee that any of the writing services such as editing, proofreading, formatting services will be plagiarism-free. Resumes and other materials that are not written or made by the Company will not be scanned or reviewed for possible incidence of plagiarism.

1.2. All refunds and cancellations requests should be communicated and expressed in writing by using the Order Messaging System or by emailing the Support Team. In the unlikely event that the Customer is not satisfied with the Product or receive the Product after the specified deadline, the Customer may request a free revision of the order. It is the sole discretion of the Company to approve or disapprove any request on an individual case to case basis.

1.3. A full refund may be given to the Customer at any time before the Writer assign. In case the customer placed the order as a mistake or duplicate or realized that the Company should not Complete the Order at any other reason, the Customer should notify the Support Team on the cancellation or refund request as soon as possible. The Customer will not get a full refund for the order after the Writer was assigned to the order, since the Writer spent time and effort on the Order depending on the period the Writer is working on the Order. Due to this, the Writer should be compensated for the work done.

1.4. In case of a refund request due to bad quality of the Product, the Customer must provide strong reasons, and examples to back up the claim for refund within seventy-two (72) hours after Order completion. Only after an extended list of violations is provided, will the refund request be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department for further investigation and refund request approval. Please note that the Company can also ask for additional materials or evidence to support the request. Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to decline refund inquiry if the aforementioned information or documents are not provided when the request is made.

1.5. The Company reserves the right not to issue any refunds however a store credit may be issued to the Customer if:

  • the Customer cancels the order that is in “Work in progress” status - refund option up to 60% depending on the time and urgency ;
  • the Customer cancels the order that is in “Completed” status - no refunds are possible;
  • the Customer cancels the order that is in “Hold” status - up to 60% refunds are possible if the writer has not finished the order and depending on the amount of completed work.
  • the order is late, but the Customer agrees to extend the deadline, the price will be recalculated according to the nearest deadline option. The difference in price will be refunded to the Customer on his/her request. The store credit option is up to 20% of the purchase price.
  • the order is late, but the Customer has downloaded the Order and requested a refund on lateness only after the order has been downloaded. The difference in price will be given as store credit to the Customer on his/her request but no more than 20% of the purchase price.
  • The Customer did not request for refund within seventy-two (72) hours after Order completion, since it is to be assumed that the Customer is satisfied with the Product;
  • The Customer is dissatisfied with Order quality but did not provide a detailed list of violations. The quality complaint is considered as invalid without reasonable and detailed proof and should the Customer fail to provide such proof, the Company cannot investigate Customer’s complaint.
  • The order is late because the Customer did not provide the information required or materials on time or Support Team could not reach the Customer via contacts provided, then the Customer cannot claim a refund based on lateness.

1.6. Store Credits accepted by the Customer as a compensation for any occurred inconveniences are non-refundable. If unused in 365 calendar days from the day of accrual, Store Credits issued will be debited from the Customer's respective account and no longer be available for use.